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Search Database Tables  PURCHASE [$12]

Plugin to search any columns and tables in Joomla! database

  • Choose any tables to search in
  • Indicate one or many columns to search in
  • Plugin easily integrates in Joomla! search system to return results
  • Configurable URLs to use for search results
  • Open source
  • Screenshots
  • Documentation
  • PURCHASE [$12]




Search Database Tables is installed in Extensions -> Manager in Joomla! back-end using standard procedure of package upload.


Search Database Tables is managed in Extensions -> Plugin Manager -> Search Database Tables.


Select a database table - Choose a table to search in
Columns - Indicate columns (one on each line) to search in chose table
URL - URL for the result. Indicate the URL of the search result. Example: index.php?option=com_community&view=profile&userid=__id__. Here __id__ refers to id column of the search result item.