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Filter Gallery Tool  PURCHASE [$15]

Image gallery with filter options and nice effects

  • Multiple folders/categories
  • Sort, search, filter by category
  • Nice transition effects
  • Responsive lightbox popup for image
  • Responsive
  • Open source
  • Demo
  • Documentation
  • PURCHASE [$15]




Filter Gallery Tool is installed in Extensions -> Manager in Joomla! back-end using standard procedure of package upload.


Filter Gallery Tool is managed in Extensions -> Module Manager -> Filter Gallery Tool.
It's possible to display it in module positions or embed it in an article by assigning an anique position to the module like mypos and placing the following code in an article: {loadposition mypos}


Module Class Suffix - CSS class to assign to the module
Load jQuery - Whether to load jQuery javascript library or not. Set to no if jQuery is already used on the site
Load script - Whether to load JS script for the module on the top or on the bottom of the page
Select a folder - Select a folder with subfolders/images to read and display. Subfolders will be considered as categories of the gallery